sophos_xg_firewall.png XG Firewall
The Next Thing in next-gen:
Ultimate firewall security and control
Unrivalled performance, security, and control

Sophos XG Firewall takes an innovative approach across all areas of network security. From the way firewalls are managed to the way they report information and how they work with other security systems around them, giving you an unprecedented level of simplicity, insight, and advanced threat protection.

With an interface designed to eliminate unnecessary complexity, it enables you to use the powerful features without needing to become an IT security expert.


The Ultimate Network Security Package

Unleash the full potential of your network

With bandwidth requirements constantly increasing, network security appliances need to do more than ever before. The Sophos SG Series appliances are built to provide optimal performance, versatility, and efficiency to meet all your security needs.

The Sophos SG Series appliances are designed to provide the optimal balance between performance and protection – for diverse IT environments. Whether you need a solution for a small remote office, want to protect your school campus, or are a global organisation requiring high-availability and enterprise-grade features, our SG Series appliances are an ideal fit.


sophos_secure_wifi.png Secure Wi-Fi
Super secure super Wi-Fi

The smarter way to simple, secure Wi-Fi

Sophos Wireless provides a simple, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks. Managed from Sophos Central, it is easy to deploy as a standalone product or as part of your portfolio of cloud-managed solutions.

  • Sophos Wireless managed from Sophos Central
  • One dashboard for an at-a-glance status
  • Simple deployment and administration
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Secure guest access and hotspot setup
  • Multi-site management and cloud scalability


sophos_secure_email_gateway.png Secure Email Gateway
Simple protection for a complex problem
Sophos Email
  • Fast setup and easy integration
  • Proven anti-virus, anti-Spam, and anti-phishing
  • Email continuity with an end-user, self-service portal; spooling; and emergency inbox
  • Reliable, global Sophos-hosted infrastructure
  • Manage alongside endpoint, the web, and wireless in Sophos Central’s unified console

Protect and manage your email with Sophos Central

Sophos Email is a secure email gateway engineered to keep businesses safe from all email threats. It simply stops spam, phishing, malware and data loss and keeps your people productive. And if you want to consolidate protection it lets you control email security alongside endpoint, mobile, the web, and wireless protection from Sophos Central’s single interface.

Sophos Email Appliance

  • Purpose built with simple policy wizards
  • Hardware and virtual appliance options
  • Remotely monitored by Sophos
  • Proven anti-virus and anti-spam with automated data loss prevention and email encryption
  • Optional advanced threat protection with Sophos Sandstorm cloud sandbox
Advanced email security and control made simple

Our purpose-built secure email gateway is an all-in-one solution for email encryption, DLP, anti-Spam and threat protection. It provides advanced protection from today’s sophisticated spear phishing attacks and gives you full control over data leaving your organisation via email.

sophos_secure_web_gateway.png Secure Web Gateway
Complete web protection.
Sophos Web Gateway
  • Reliable, globally-deployed cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade Secure Web Gateway that’s advanced yet easy to use
  • Manage all your Sophos Central security from one unified console
  • Fast Lane technology that can speed up web browsing
Enterprise-grade secure web gateway —
Sophos Central simplicity

The web is the number one source of threats, with 80% of them coming from legitimate, trusted sites. Sophos Web Gateway provides security, visibility, and control for all your desktop PCs, Macs, Chrome books, and mobile devices, regardless of how or where they access the web. And you get the simple, elegant management experience that is Sophos Central.

Sophos Web Appliance
  • New Sophos Sandstorm advanced threat defence
  • Simple deployment, management and support
  • Protects every user, on every device, everywhere they go
  • Hardware and virtual appliance options available
Get the ultimate in web security, control, and insights. It’s web protection that’s effective, affordable, and easy with a lightning performance that won’t slow users down.

Sophos Sandstorm
New Sophos Sandstorm extends conventional security to enhance ransomware and targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. Sandstorm complements Sophos Web Appliance to quickly and accurately detect, block, and respond to these evasive threats using powerful cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology.

Next-generation advanced threat defence made simple

Sophos leads the security industry in fighting advanced malware using highly effective technologies such as real-time JavaScript emulation and behavioural analysis. While conventional anti-malware protection is still important as the first line of defence, organisations need additional tools to combat today’s ransomware and targeted malware. Sophos Sandstorm is a ransomware and advanced persistent threat (APT) defence solution that complements Sophos security products. It quickly and accurately detects, blocks, and responds to evasive threats that other solutions miss, by using powerful, cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology.


sophos_puremessage.png PureMessage
Good news for you, bad news for spam

Anti-virus and anti-spam protection for your
Microsoft Exchange servers

Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange guards against email-borne threats such as spam, phishing, viruses and spyware. Control information sent and received both internally and externally. Protect your company against the loss of confidential information or inappropriate use of the email system.

Comprehensive multi-threat protection

  • Prevent viruses Genotype virus detection technology proactively blocks families of viruses even before specific virus signatures are available.
  • Code scanning A range of technologies, including Dynamic Code Analysis, pattern matching emulation and heuristics, automa- tically check for malicious code.
  • Detect and quarantine Pro-actively block families of spam campaigns. Our genotype spam detection technology detects up to 98% of spam. The intuitive end-user interface and spam digests allow you to review quarantine contents.
  • Spam blocking The comprehensive multi-language spam engine is constantly updated with new spam rules by SophosLabs.