Netxactics Services

Sophos Email Appliance

Netxactics Services is a system whereby partners can rely on our experts to help them achieve premium results.  Partners will be able to increase their capacity in every way by working in combination with our experts. This guarantees full satisfaction for the end user.


This service is a supported service, which constitutes that a Netxactics technical engineer will support your technical team in deploying the product across your organisation. This will be a combined effort between a Netxactics technical engineer and your technical team.

Deployment includes:

  • Netxactics Services provides a plan on the most effective method to deploy ‘Email Appliance’ across your organisation.
  • Diagram of the ‘Email Appliance’ components in an organisation with relation to your current environment
  • Policy configuration
  • Supported Deployment of ‘Email Appliance’ across an organisation


Through scheduled health checks and reporting the Maintenance Package removes the burden of routine maintenance and enables you to focus on more pressing projects.

Maintenance includes:

Monthly Report of Email Appliance (Includes the points covered in the Monthly Health Check)

Monthly Health Checks

  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Licensing check
  • Mail trends
  • Performance trends
  • Policy Analysis
  • Error assessments
  • Policy checks
  • Software version checks
  • Routing
  • Notifications
  • Active Directory synchronization

Routine Maintenance

  • Anti-Virus configurations
  • Anti-Spam configurations
  • Content configurations
  • Features configurations
  • Backups
  • Updates


Monthly Report of the ‘Email Appliance’ which includes all the points covered in the Monthly Health Check.

On-Site Call Out

Netxactics On-site Callout service is a pre-paid service, where hourly bundles of 10, 20 or 30 hours can be purchased upfront. Alternatively we can arrange a billed-per-hour On-site Callout.

Telephonic & Email Support

Netxactics Telephonic & Email Support service offers experienced technical support for the operation of the Netxactics product offerings. 


No training is currently available for this product.