SafeGuard – Windows 10 and Bitlocker Decryption


BitLocker can’t be turned off/disabled when it is being managed by SafeGaurd. As you turn it off, BitLocker goes into a loop and turns back on straight away. SafeGuard also can’t be uninstalled as long as the drive is encrypted by BitLocker. (See error message below)

Safeguard bitlocker

Although there is an option available to turn off BitLocker. Once you select it, it turns back on straight away, therefore your drive does not decrypt. (See screenshots below)




1. Under the ‘Policy and Groups’ tab, create a new full disk encryption policy set to ‘no encryption’.


2. Create a new policy group called Standalone and assign the decryption policy to that policy group.


3. Create a a Standalone Configuration Package – click on Tools > Configuration Package > Standalone Configuration Package and select the decryption group (Standalone Package) in the Policy Group dropdown menu.

configuration package

4. Click Create Configuration Package button.

Once the package has been created install it on the machine that needs to be decrypted. Once installed, you will now be able to turn off BitLocker.

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